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DIVIS visual tracking solutions let you optimise the planning, monitoring and execution of your goods flows. You also gain valuable organisational and information benefits, enabling you to start reducing costs consistently in your company.


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Special Announcement from December 13, 2017: Hendrik Reger receives procuration

We hereby announce that as of today DIVIS Sales Manager Hendrik Reger has received procuration with Deutsche Videosystem GmbH ...

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Green power: Photovoltaic system on the roof of the DIVIS headquarters

DIVIS stands for value driven business actions and sustainability in every sense. That is true for the solutions we develop for our customers, and beyond. This includes the solar power system on the roof of the DIVIS premises in Bordesholm ...

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Case Study

Transland focuses on innovation

DIVIS identified new potential and is supporting forwarder Transland in implementation.

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